A Montessori Curriculum

At Montessori Private Academy, the curriculum is designed in 3 year cycles of learning, corresponding to the age ranges of children at each level: Young Child (2 to 3 years), Early Childhood (3 to 6 years), Elementary I (6 to 9 years), Elementary II (9 to 12 years), and Middle School (12 to 15 years).

In addition to the mixed-age classes, a strong component of Montessori curriculum is use of hands-on, manipulative materials. Children move from the concrete material to the abstract concept, providing a deep understanding of process and integration of information. Likewise the information cycle moves from the general concept to more specific information as the child's readiness and fits each child's learning style.

Individual presentations, small group lessons and large group line activities are different ways in which new information is introduced to the child. Repetition, observation, group and individual mastery are all respected methods of learning at MPA. A simple set of classroom ground rules ensures a peaceful, yet engaging environment of respect, interaction and fun learning!