The Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum is focused on the core subjects of math, science, reading and writing, and extends its reach to focus on topics to round out the person including cultural studies, leadership development, collaboration, and practical life skills. The curriculum incorporates concrete materials to enable students to use all senses to understand concepts and it builds upon itself year over year. At Montessori Private Academy, we also incorporate STEM and art education with additional science and art lessons.

Our Classrooms

All Montessori classrooms are set up in 3 year cycles of learning (as opposed to the traditional model of 1 grade level together), corresponding to the age ranges of children. At MPA we offer the following programs:

Hands-On Learning Materials

In addition to the mixed-age classes, a strong component of Montessori curriculum is use of hands-on, manipulative materials. Children move from the concrete material to the abstract concept, providing a deep understanding of process and integration of information. Likewise the information cycle moves from the general concept to more specific information as the child's readiness and fits each child's learning style.

Introduction of New Information and Concepts

New information and concepts are introduced via individual presentations, small group lessons and large group line activities. Repetition, observation, group and individual mastery are all respected methods of learning at MPA. A simple set of classroom ground rules ensures a peaceful, yet engaging environment of respect, interaction and fun learning!

A View Into the Curriculum

Even after understanding conceptually how Montessori classrooms are set up, it can be difficult to understand how the curriculum is designed to grow with the student. Below is an in-depth video outlining how the Montessori math curriculum starts in preschool and progresses through high school.