Elementary II: Grades 4 – 6


Elementary II students are now prepared to tackle more complex issues and abstract concepts.

Their increasing competence and maturity make them ready for new social and academic advancement opportunities. Students examine current events and delve more deeply into issues requiring conflict resolution skills, problem solving and effective communication skills. Elementary II students continue to benefit from a wealth of hands-on materials even as they move into their ability to understand abstraction. Since they move from the concrete to abstract at their own pace, some students are learning algebra while others are still mastering pre-algebraic concepts.

The Elementary II classroom environment provides a variety of resource and learning materials. Students reference books, web searches and a variety of Montessori materials and resources in their daily learning to master grammar, geography and other subjects. Curriculum areas for grades 4 to 6 are listed below.

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Practical Life

Peace education, conflict resolution, care of self and environment, cooking, sewing, trip planning, classroom hobs, scheduling and organizational skills.


Reading, creative and expository writing, grammar, spelling, research skills, handwriting, and public speaking.


More advanced operations, fractions, decimals, percentages, squaring and cubing through pre-algebra; geometry including polygons, equivalencies, lines, area, and volume.


Museum visits, art appreciation, group projects, and art history are integrated throughout the Elementary II curriculum.

Physical Education

Structured P. E. classes focus on fitness for life, rules, and skills for various team and individual sports and sportsmanship.


Science, (Zoology, Botany, Human Biology, timeline of life, Earth Science, Ecology) Geography and World Cultures, (includes map skills) History and Current Events.

Foreign Language

All Elementary II students study Spanish using various Spanish language Montessori Materials, conversation, and written work.  Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish.  Solely in the Elementary II classroom, Spanish class discussion includes current event topics and more abstract concepts.