Since 2012, MPA has grown from 148 students to 191. Last year we had waiting lists for our 2-year-old program, our three 3-6 classrooms, our two 6-9-year-old classrooms, and our 9-12-year-old upper elementary classroom. Our only growth potential is in our middle school program, and even there, we are quickly running out of room. So....

MPA gym

Our parent and staff communities have been hard at work envisioning the next phase of MPA, one where we can enroll more children from the Rockford region and give our current children more indoor room for physical education during rainy and wintry days. Together with Cord Construction and McClellan Blakemore, we have developed an initial schematic plan to expand our toddler enrollment by 20 children, expand our primary enrollment by 35 children, expand our lower elementary enrollment by 20, and create a dozen more spots each for our upper elementary and middle school classrooms.

We will also have a large gymnasium and a stage area for vocal and theatrical performances. The total square footage for the new building will be 18,500 square feet. To have a better idea of just how ambitious that is, our current building is only 12,500 square feet. All together, will have over 30,000 square feet of classroom, breakout, and gymnasium spaces.

If this $2.75 million project fits into your vision of the MPA of the future, then be sure to let us know by donating what you feel comfortable sending our way! Every dollar is tax deductible and will be allocated to our capital campaign fund. When that fund reaches $350,000, we should be able to secure the rest and begin breaking ground. We hope to be digging into the earth in three years or less!

As part of our successful past, be sure to renew your commitment to Montessori education in the Rockford region for the next generation by giving today!