Montessori and the MVP

It's not often that you follow the career of someone just because he or she was a Montessori student.  But I must admit, last year I began to follow the games of Steph Curry.  For those not familiar with the National Basketball Association (NBA), Steph Curry was awarded the league's MVP this year.  And to top off a remarkable 2015 season, Curry and his teammates recently defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals.

Sonya Curry, Steph's mother, is the founder and owner of a Montessori school, where Steph,  along with his brother and sister, were educated.  Sonya Curry was deeply devoted to Montessori education long before Steph gained fame as an All-Star basketball player.  She ran a school which the Curry children attended, and she saw the benefits right before her eyes.  For no matter who children may one day become, they can always grow into better versions of themselves.  Montessori, for example, teaches children to be very precise and accurate, leading children to self-correct from a very early age.  And in the world of professional basketball, precision is critical.  Just ask Steph Curry, who this year made more three point shots than anyone in the history of the league.  Second on the list is none other than Steph Curry, from the season before.

It's true that basketball is just a game, and some may debate its importance in society.  But for those who play or coach at a professional level, it's a wonderful livelihood.  And for Steph Curry, it's highly likely that he will use his hard-earned dollars making society a better place.  How do I know? Well, he comes from a remarkable family.  His father is Dell Curry, who also played 15 years in the NBA.  It was Dell's success that helped the Curry family start that Montessori school so long ago.  And given that the entire Curry clan was in attendance at Steph's games during the NBA Finals, I feel confident that the apple won't fall far from the tree.

Below, check out a video about Montessori and the Curry family.

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