Jeanne Marler

Business Manager

“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.” – Maria Montessori

I discovered Montessori many years ago as a young mother with two children ages 0 and 3.  Rockford had no Montessori school at that time, but I knew I had to have Montessori for my children.  So, I began studying Montessori’s writings and applying her ideas to our home environment.  This led me to a few like-minded friends, and together we either made or purchased the basic Montessori materials and started a small Montessori school.

As our children moved on to elementary school, I began supporting my husband as his dental assistant and bookkeeper in his dental practice.  Then, nineteen years ago, I was recruited by a friend, Mary Dunkel, who was then the school’s director, to become Montessori’s part-time finance manager.  I jumped at the chance to become actively involved with Montessori once again.

It has been so wonderful being part of the stellar growth of MPA.  My responsibilities have also kept up with the growth in the school business and day-to-day financial matters.  I have learned many of my added responsibilities the “Montessori way”, with the support and friendship of a wonderful staff.  Also, I enjoy immensely working in our new school environment.  It is par excellence.

Each day, I experience pure joy watching our children grow in capability and confidence.  I love greeting them each morning, and I think to myself, “Aren’t these the luckiest little children!”