Technology and the Timelessness of Montessori


When parents visit Montessori Private Academy for the first time, they often ask, “Do you use tablets in your preschool classrooms?” Some families hope that we do, while some families hold their breaths, hoping that we don’t. Is it possible to satisfy both sets of expectations? We believe it is.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth even more. Below is unedited video taken at Montessori Private Academy last week. The viewer will see technology and timeless Montessori materials co-existing in perfect harmony. Technology is simply a tool, nothing more. But along side time-tested Montessori materials, technology becomes a very powerful instrument of instruction.

As discussed in our previous blog, when technology is used in a Montessori classroom, it should follow certain parameters. And if this is done, that technology can be remarkably successful. One of our early childhood teachers, who has been a lead directress for over 30 years, was initially skeptical, and rightly so. But after testing Kinderbright videos in her classroom, she remarked that she had never seen three year-olds learn letter sounds so quickly.

But the children continue to use every other material in the classroom just as much as they did before Kinderbright’s introduction. Technology has no more importance than a broom, than a water pitcher, than a pink tower, than a geometric solid. It’s simply one material among many. Nevertheless, we have found it a very important addition. After all, while Montessori’s method has been proven again and again for more than 100 years, everything, even Montessori schools, get better.

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